Authoritative cooperation ensures extensive payment network support.MC Card holds a complete license and maintains good relations with financial institutions and regulatory authorities.Joint operation with trust companies and investment companies, leading technology to protect users' funds.MC Card adopts the financial management experience of both parties, privacy protection policy, beneficiary funds protection, and advanced encryption technology to ensure the safety of funds.Meanwhile, MC Card also provides transaction notification, instant card lock function, 3D Secure and CVC2 security features, etc., providing users with one-stop secure payment solutions.

Magic Compass Asset Link Card - MC Card

With the popularity of digital and mobile payments, consumers need a solution that centralizes the management of users' asset portfolios.In addition, it has become increasingly important to provide users with a convenient exchange and payment platform.To this end, MC Card was born, dedicated to providing a centralized, convenient and efficient digital card management platform.MC Card is an innovative asset collateral credit card that provides users with a convenient exchange and payment platform through centralized management of their assets, enabling flexibility in shopping, spending and withdrawing cash.MC Card is operated in conjunction with a Hong Kong-based trust company, and employs high-level security technology and strict privacy protection to ensure asset security, while covering the global Card network to simplify the online shopping and overseas consumption payment experience, it is the first choice of safe, convenient and innovative payment method.
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